Want To Know Something About High Quality Nail Polishes?


UV nail polish products have become the most favorite option for a large number of people all around the world. Even reputed salons are making use of these products to make the nails of their clients appealing and beautiful. More and more people are saying goodbye to conventional wet nail polishes and they have started using a professionally applied UV gel nail polish. If you are interested in buying the best brands at affordable prices, you have to go online and top virtual stores offer all leading nail polishes in a cost effective manner.

Wide range of nail polishes

Apart from the CBD shellac, you can find different types of gel polishes like Gelux, OPI Gel Color, Geleration and Gelish in the market. If you go through the website of a reliable online store, you can read clear cut details about these products and they also display the new arrivals in the landing page itself. There are also different categories such as top sellers and recommended products to help the shopper make the best decision.

Beware of the fake products

Advanced gel nail polishes like Shellac are excellent products with high durability and the regular wear and tear is not going to chip or peel this polish. Many users describe this product as an armor for the nails and you have to look after your nails properly if you want these types of products to last longer two weeks or more.  In addition to looking after your nails, you need to ensure that you are getting the original product. There are fake products available in the product and these copycat products fall short in terms of quality and durability. They also adversely affect the nail health and you may have to deal with problems such as infection.

The importance of using high quality nail and cuticle oils

Top quality UV gel nail polishes do not cause any to your nails and they do not dehydrate as well. However, experts recommend people to use a nail and cuticle oil in a daily manner and it is being done to nourish and protect the natural nails. You can use CND SolarOil with best nail polishes and it contains only light synergistic blend of oils that is capable of getting into the skin very easily. This oil also penetrates faster through the nail polish to maintain the proper nourishment of the nail plate and you can use it twice a day if you are having brittle or dry nails.

Another important thing that you need to consider is the impact of the chemical on the nail polish. Some people complain about the melting nature of the polish on the nails when they go on a vacation. This problem occurs due to the sunscreen they use. Many sun sprays, lotions and creams contain acetone and it is the substance that is used to remove the nail polish. Some chemicals used in certain insect repellent sprays may also melt the nail polish and in order to prevent this problem, you have to wash and dry your hands immediately after the use of these products.

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10 Tips and Tricks for Gel Polish Beginners

Gel nails are beautiful in appearance and gel polish is one of the best nail polish. However, if not accustomed to gel nail polish you are likely to encounter a few problems here and there as, applying gel polish and removing it is a tricky affair. Given below are some valuable tips for gel polish beginners.

1.Cleaning of Nails: For the gel polish to adhere correctly, it is important for you to have clean nails. Extra debris from the nails should be wiped cleaned after buffing them for the gel polish to stick properly onto your nails.

2.Shake Gel Polish: Gel Polish needs to be shaken properly and thoroughly before application due to reasons of its unique formula. This will result in easier and smoother application.

3.Application of Lotion or Aquaphor around the Cuticles: Before undertaking gel polish manicure one needs to apply aquaphor to the cuticles for avoiding the gel polish to get on them. Applying aquaphor or lotion will avoid the acetone drying up your cuticles and nail edges.

4.Use Short Strokes: Make use of short strokes while applying opi gel colors as these are easier to control apart from helping you get nice lines around the edges.


5.Using Thin Layers: As, the consistency of gel polish is different from that of regular nail polishes, you do not need to apply much gel polish on your brush as compared to other nail polishes. Using too much of gel polish on your brush will result in thickening of gel polish around your nail edges and cuticles and thus spoiling the overall look.

6.Capping of the Free Edges: After having painted the actual nail part, the free nail edges need to be capped properly. This will result in preventing the gel polish from getting lifted and thereby giving you a long lasting and a great manicure.

7.Removing of Extra Gel Polish before Curing: As, gel polish tends to become hard post curing, avoid getting it on your skin as you will find it difficult to get it off at a later stage.

8.Curing in the Right Sized Lamp: In case you have a 4-finger lamp, avoid curing all your 5 fingers of one hand at one go as, they will not be cured properly. Curing 4 fingers of each hand first followed by both the thumbs later on will do the trick for you.

9.Cover Coloring with Top Coat Completely: Not doing so will result in your color getting a matte finish which can be rubbed off by regular wear and tear. Hence it is very important for you to cover the coloring completely with top coat.

10.Hydration of Nails: Removing gel polish properly from dry cuticles and nail edges and hydrating the nails thoroughly is very important.

Spruce Up your Nails with the Gleaming Nail Polish

“Your nails are like jewels- Don’t use them like tools.” -Essie

Rather, adorn them with different glossy shades of nail polish!

How’s the idea?

Isn’t it great?

“Oh, it is just super awesome.” – stated by a woman.

After all, it’s all about your nails and you have to take care of them very beautifully. And, none other method can prove lucrative other than applying the stunning nail polish to them.

It’s time to focus on your nails! Go ahead…

fa5f01a38b21632442a55a37bf1cfce2The happiest part is thata myriad of shades is available for the nail polish. Some are bright, some are glittering, some are simple, some are soothing, some are elegant, etc. So, now you have a pool of choices. You just need to find a reliable store and buy an enticing gel nail polish that enhances the look of your nails and hands. It doesn’t matter that whether the nails are long or short, you just have to embellish them with the gorgeous colours of different nail paints.

Well, if you step in the market, then you will find various nail polish arts that you love to wear on your nails.Let us discuss some of them…

Before the initiation, it is equivalently significant that you will choose the best brand, like CND Shellac of the nail polish and get your nails adorned aesthetically. Now, it is the right time to discuss some of the artistic and glamorous nail art solutions.

ü Cost-Effective Seasonal Nail Art Solution:

Every season has distinct colours and hues of the nail polish. If you are really damn passionate about the nail colours, then you can modify your nails in every season. Like, lustrous colours are for the spring season, some tacky shades for summer, and the cool shades for the winters. Simply, be in synch with every season economically. You can start with a shellac starter kit.

ü Splendid Nail Art with Natural Nail Polish:

Acquiring the eco-friendly option for the nail polish won’t let you down in front of the world. Even, it will give you a long-lasting effect. It doesn’t mean that the other components embrace a certain amount of chemicals. But, it might be possible that a degree of chemical is present that can induce harm to your skin.

ü Ingenious Nail Polish that suits your Skin Colour:

It is sometimes challenging to choose the colour of a nail polish. But, you must take your skin colour in consideration. It is as simple as ABC. If your skin colour is light, then go with the lighter colours. And, on the flip side, if you have the deeper skin, then utilise some stronger hues. Sometimes, it is good to break the rules. It implies go off in some instances. Be in contrast and flaunt your style with geleration!

ü Applying Nail Hardeners:

A nail hardener is one of the greatest products while applying nail polish to it. Just apply it to your nail before putting the nail polish. It will not only make your nail stronger but also give your nail a long-lasting effect. If you haven’t tried it yet, then it is not bad to experiment it once.