10 Tips and Tricks for Gel Polish Beginners

Gel nails are beautiful in appearance and gel polish is one of the best nail polish. However, if not accustomed to gel nail polish you are likely to encounter a few problems here and there as, applying gel polish and removing it is a tricky affair. Given below are some valuable tips for gel polish beginners.

1.Cleaning of Nails: For the gel polish to adhere correctly, it is important for you to have clean nails. Extra debris from the nails should be wiped cleaned after buffing them for the gel polish to stick properly onto your nails.

2.Shake Gel Polish: Gel Polish needs to be shaken properly and thoroughly before application due to reasons of its unique formula. This will result in easier and smoother application.

3.Application of Lotion or Aquaphor around the Cuticles: Before undertaking gel polish manicure one needs to apply aquaphor to the cuticles for avoiding the gel polish to get on them. Applying aquaphor or lotion will avoid the acetone drying up your cuticles and nail edges.

4.Use Short Strokes: Make use of short strokes while applying opi gel colors as these are easier to control apart from helping you get nice lines around the edges.


5.Using Thin Layers: As, the consistency of gel polish is different from that of regular nail polishes, you do not need to apply much gel polish on your brush as compared to other nail polishes. Using too much of gel polish on your brush will result in thickening of gel polish around your nail edges and cuticles and thus spoiling the overall look.

6.Capping of the Free Edges: After having painted the actual nail part, the free nail edges need to be capped properly. This will result in preventing the gel polish from getting lifted and thereby giving you a long lasting and a great manicure.

7.Removing of Extra Gel Polish before Curing: As, gel polish tends to become hard post curing, avoid getting it on your skin as you will find it difficult to get it off at a later stage.

8.Curing in the Right Sized Lamp: In case you have a 4-finger lamp, avoid curing all your 5 fingers of one hand at one go as, they will not be cured properly. Curing 4 fingers of each hand first followed by both the thumbs later on will do the trick for you.

9.Cover Coloring with Top Coat Completely: Not doing so will result in your color getting a matte finish which can be rubbed off by regular wear and tear. Hence it is very important for you to cover the coloring completely with top coat.

10.Hydration of Nails: Removing gel polish properly from dry cuticles and nail edges and hydrating the nails thoroughly is very important.


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