Choice Of Correct Nail Polish Color To Add Beauty And Glory

Beauty is said to be a rare gift of God to the mankind. Many of us strive to look beautiful, as the beauty is one of the important parts of one’s personality. At the same time, it helps in creating a spectacular first impression in the process of facing the world in all walks of our lives.

To enhance the way we look, we use many cosmetics and beauty products. Most of the beauty products are for most of the parts of our face. There are creams that help us look fairer, there are treatments that leave our faces fresh and supple, there are treatments that give us much younger looks removing unnecessary signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines that appear naturally on particular parts of face and so on.

At the same time, women need to choose a suitable nail color that might suit their skin tone gives a stunning look and at the same time complements the shape of their hands. This is important so that a wrongly chosen nail color may look awkward and spoil the overall appearance and aesthetics of our nails.


Tips on choice of correct nail polish color:

Well, it requires some research for making the correct choice of a nail polish color. However attention to some factors can surely bring good results.

We should avoid making mistakes as the correct color of nail polish is supposed to suit skin tone, complements style and enhances looks of hands.

A suitable shade of nail color when applied on nails on short fingers that can give a unique sense of elongation to the fingers and stumpy looks can be avoided.

Usually, fairer skins look nice with darker shades; medium skin tones can have a great look by applying dark red shades and darker skin tones can carry any shades of color. There are many well-known brands that offer a variety of Gel Nail Colors that would be a great choice to suit various skin tones.

There is a slight difference of opinion regarding matching the nail color with the color of outfit being used. Some experts suggest avoiding this, and according to some experts it is fine to use the same nail color similar to the color of dressing.

So, it is advisable to follow our own instinct when it comes to choosing a nail color with reference to the color of our outfit. A wide variety of color shades by Orly Nail Polish can help us in making a choice suitable as per the outfit.


We should feel free to choose a complementing color to the outfit. At the same time if we really like a color shade that matches with color of skirt, top or even shoes that we are wearing, we can go for it. Shellac Nail Colors available in many attractive shades can be useful to make the best suited choice.

The expert opinions regarding matching the nail color with make-up are also mixed. So, we need to be conscious to choose a color that would complement our make-up as well.

Meanwhile, we should try to diversify shades, as too much matching can tend to give an odd look. There needs to be a proper harmony and balance between the colors we are wearing, color shades used for make-up and the nail color. It is nothard and fast that all need to be exactly the same.


Another creative idea would be same shade of color for lipstick and nails. That would surely add in drawing attraction.

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